Get ready to celebrate International Busking Day

Busking at London Bridge - Hattie Briggs

Tomorrow is International Busking Day, an opportunity to celebrate the art of street performing.

Whether you’re a seasoned busker or a new to gigging in public, tomorrow’s your chance to get out there and take music to the streets.

It’s International Busking Day and musicians around the world will be bringing the joys of live music to town squares, street corners, shopping precincts and train stations.

The event is an opportunity to shine a light on the cultural and professional benefits of busking.

From a cultural perspective, street performing brings music, energy and atmosphere to public spaces. (It’s the reason why developers often welcome buskers to their slick constructions, they’re keen to breathe life into sterile environments).

From a professional perspective, it’s is a great way for artists to hone their skills and earn a little cash, just ask former buskers Ed Sheeran, KT Tunstall and Tracy Chapman.

Busk in London, a not-for-profit street performance programme supported by the London Mayor and managed by Found in Music, is urging all performers to busk – albeit in appropriate locations – tomorrow. (For more tips on where and how to busk CLICK HERE).

If you take them up on this, shout about it by uploading a photo or video of your performance to social media including the hashtag #InternationalBuskingDay2019.

If you don’t fancy performing yourself, show your support by rolling up to Wembley Park, where International Busking Day celebrations will be taking place. The event kicks off at midday and will feature 50 performances including sets from Hattie Briggs, Noisettes and Josh Cleave. KT Tunstall, staying true to her busking roots, will be there and perform from 7pm.

It’s a free event, but organisers have asked that you register HERE.

​Read our tips on street performing HERE.

Image by Richard Leader.

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