The Extravaganza that is Gabby Young

Hi, it’s Luke and George from Vocalzone Throat Pastilles. We would like to welcome you to our ‘Artist FAQ’ column where we will be sharing with you interviews with interesting artists. We have been helping hard-working voices for over 100 years and during that time we have established good relationships with hundreds of artists in the music industry. Additionally, having worked backstage at festivals such as Wireless, Sonisphere and Bloodstock, we have had an opportunity to talk to a wide range of singers from various genres. So, we have decided to share our experiences with you and teamed up with iSing Magazine to give you an insight into ins and outs of being an artist.

Our first artist is Gabby Young , the lead vocalist of Gabby Young & Other Animals. GOYA is an eccentric eight piece British pop band, bringing together gypsy, folk, rock and jazz. Their third studio album ‘One Foot In Front of The Other’ was released in June this year and covers typical to GOYA’s musical styles, effortlessly moving between jazz, opera, folk and cabaret.

We met Gabby a few years ago when we supported her in the crowdfunding project for her album. Since then we have become Gabby’s fans – we have even sponsored her band’s van when they were touring in Germany this summer. Gabby and her band have spent a great deal of time touring in various countries this year. They played in the Middle East, Belgium, Germany Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and the US, where she was invited to showcase at the prestigious SXSW Festival.

So here we are! We’d like to invite you watch our interview with Gabby Young and find out how she used crowdfunding to raise funds for her studio album; why she wants to remain independent; what are her top tips for being an artist and many more. Hope you enjoy it!

Interview: Part 1

Interview: Part 2

Check out Gabby Young and Other Animals video “We’re All In This Together”


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