Free your voice with our vocal improvisation webinar

vocal improvisation

Bust out of your singing comfort zone by signing up for our vocal improvisation webinar and exploring the full potential of your voice.

iSingmag’s first webinar for 2019 is called Free Your Voice: Improvisation and the Singer.

Who’s our special guest?

Antonio De Lillis, jazz virtuoso, teacher and all round master in the art of vocal improvisation.

What will he talk about?

De Lillis will explain why you should try vocal improvisation (there are loads of reasons, improved timing, phrasing and harmonic awareness to name a few) and how to get started.

He’ll also allay a few fears because let’s face it, it can be scary “going off piste” and trying something new. But the great thing with improv is there is only one rule – that there are no rules.

What will you take away?

Learn a few simple exercises to get you started, how to make vocal improvisation a regular part of your singing practice and how to gain confidence with riffing.

When is it, who is it for and how do I sign up?

The webinar is open to singers of all genres – not just jazzers. It’s on tomorrow (Tuesday, 29 January at 7pm GMT) via Zoom.

You will need a microphone if you want to talk to us. Chat also available, camera optional.

The webinar is free for Full Tribe Members [Log In | Become A Tribe Member]

It’s £10 for Non-Members. CLICK HERE to pay now and register for the webinar.

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