Frankie Davies: What I learnt from my worst ever gig

When life gives Jersey-born Frankie Davies lemons, the Americana singer-songwriter makes lemonade.

Her latest single Front Row Seat is a case in point; it came about after an excruciating gig in California that saw her performing to an audience of one – her boyfriend.

Davies had been led by music industry bods to believe that the show could be career-changing. It turned out to be nothing more than character building.

“I’d been told to pull out all stops as ‘important people’ were coming along to watch me,” Davies explains on the phone from her home in Jersey.

“It had really been built up, but when I looked out there was my boyfriend in the front row seat, and that was it. Even the sound engineer was busy looking at his phone.

“It was an important experience. I realised that even if there is only one person in the audience I’m going to give it my all.  And it was songwriting material!” CLICK HERE to listen.

The single features on Davies’ debut album, Wherever I Go, out November 2. It was recorded in Nashville, London and Liverpool and funded by a One Foundation grant from the Jersey Arts Council.

“This album was a long time in the making so I’m anxious and excited,” Davies says. “But I’m trying not to get carried away. When I started out [in the music industry] I would get very excited about things, and then feel down if they didn’t work out. Now I try not to get excited until something actually happens.”

Davies enjoyed an idyllic childhood on the family’s farm in Jersey. She played the piano and guitar and sang, but the seminal moment came when her mother introduced her to country music.

“I listened to her copy of the Dixie Chicks’ Wide Open Spaces and thought it was incredible. I later got into Dolly Parton and Lee Ann Womack. I love storytelling.”

Davies went on to study at Liverpool University and to carve out a name for herself on the UK’s country scene. She’s performed several times at the UK’s biggest Country Music Festival C2C, toured with The Shires, and completed a headline tour across the UK and Germany.

She’s also made several trips to Nashville a place she finds “magical” and “inspiring”. She currently splits her time between Cornwall and Jersey and is planning to tour with her new album.

The UK country scene is in an exciting place, she says.

“It’s getting more and more popular. That makes it more competitive but that’s a good thing.”


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