Four top podcasts for singers

podcasts for singers

Looking for some singing inspiration, motivation or encouragement? Here are four singing-related podcasts to get you thinking.

The Naked Vocalist

If you want to learn more about singing technique and what it takes to sustain a professional career, then this podcast, brought to you by UK vocal gurus (and iSing favourites) Chris Johnson and Steve Giles, is the best thing in town. The boys have a knack for making the science of singing accessible and fun. They know their stuff, as do their guests; experts who have appeared on the show include Dr Karen Titze, Jeanie LoVetri and Robin de Haas. The Naked Vocalist covers everything from belting to breathing, posture to phrasing, and vibrato to vibrators.

Listen to this podcast if: You’re serious about singing, want to get the best out of your voice, and don’t mind frank discussions about mucous and reflux.


Pitchfork’s In Sight Out

In Sight Out explores new perspectives on culture through in depth interviews with some of the music industry’s most creative artists. Recent guests include Aussie singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, Tori Amos, Chance the Rapper, former Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore and our favourite Björk. There’s no attempt here to keep things punchy or succinct; the interviewees are given a chance to tell their own stories in their own words, hence some episodes run for well over an hour. But that’s what we like. In a world where bite-sized quotes rule the day, In Sight Out makes a refreshing change.

Listen to this podcast if: You’re looking for a little listening inspiration for a long train journey.


Cocaine and Rhinestones

This podcast is ostensibly about the history of country music, but it’s much more salacious and engrossing than any history lesson we got at school. The creator Tyler Mahan Coe revels in shining a light on the (often sordid) secrets of a genre that prides itself on being wholesome and “American”. He’s fascinated by strong characters; personalities who clawed themselves out of hillbilly backwaters to conquer Nashville. Each episode of Cocaine and Rhinestones focuses on either a country music personality (Wynonna Judd, Ralph Moody) or the story behind an influential country song. One episode, for example, focused on Loretta Lynn’s The Pill, a tune blacklisted by radio stations in 1972. It praised birth control (which was already legal in the States anyway) and female empowerment and enraged conservatives.

Listen to this podcast if: You enjoy tales of lies, intrigue and infidelity and the frequent use the word “honky”.


DIY Musician Podcast from CD Baby

This US podcast has a strong music biz focus. DIY Musician covers areas such as Spotify playlists (how to hunt down top playlist curators and make an effective pitch to them), tips for getting the most out of social media, marketing and how to promote a new release.

Listen to this podcast if: You want to brush up on your self-promotion or marketing skills.


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