Four music industry tips for singers

Tips for singers

It takes more than a brilliant voice to succeed in the music industry, says top vocal coach Juliet Russell. Here are her four tips for succeeding in the business.

1. You need drive

You must be the most motivated person in your career and the person working the hardest. The voice is fundamental but there are so many aspects to having a career in music that aren’t necessarily to do with that. Understand that nearly all music is collaboration. You need to be able to work with people and be professional – and you need drive.

2. Build a strong team

Having a team around you, who will give you honest feedback, is important. You need people who will be honest with you, but who are also on your team. You need critical friends and teachers who have your best interests at heart and want you to be your best self.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Where we grow is on the border of what we do well and then just beyond it. Identify what you do well and then expand on that, little by little over time. Keep pushing yourself.

4. Self-care

Look after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Make sure the people around you have your best interests at heart. Ensure the decisions people make on your behalf serve your goals.

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Juliet Russell is a singer, songwriter and teacher. She’s also a vocal coach on two of the UK’s biggest entertainment shows: ITV’s The Voice and BBC1’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, where she prepares the Unexpected Stars for the performance of their lives. Juliet currently leads Assemble, a professional contemporary choir, and Portobello Live Choir, a community choir.