Following the dream to make it in LA

What does it take to make a dream a reality? For many vocalists hoping to build a successful career in the music industry it involves moving from their hometown to somewhere else – be it New York, Nashville or London.

Or in the case of singer songwriter Sarah D it meant moving from her hometown of Adelaide, Australia, to Los Angeles, USA.

Regardless of how determined and enthusiastic you are, such a big move will always involve momentous challenges. How will you pay your bills? How will you make contacts in the industry? And how do you go about getting the right visa?

Then there are the emotional hurdles – dealing with life away from loved ones.

Sarah said: “When I first arrived from Australia it was tough. I went from being part of a big performance group in Adelaide to going solo.

“I had to gain more confidence, and just put myself out there. There have been highs and there have been lows, you just have to keep going.”

Sarah made the initial move to the States to study at the Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood. Four years later she is still grafting in LA, performing on the college circuit and at corporate gigs and focusing on her songwriting.

Sarah D spoke to iSing magazine at NAMM.


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