Common FAQs

IMPORTANT 2018: Changes for iTunes and Android users.

iSing Magazine is moving off the app platform and to the website where articles will be available for free. This process will begin from February 1st.

We will, in due course, close down both the iTunes and Android apps. Once we do you’ll be able to request a refund for your subscription direct from your app store [click to find out how on iTunes or GooglePlay]. This only applies to subscribers who have paid in advance – quarterly or annually. Any magazine issue that you have already downloaded before cancelling your account will still be readable.

Subscribers should cancel their subscription now [click link to find out how on iTunes or GooglePlay] so it doesn’t renew again.
If you have any questions please send your Device Token number from the app itself. Send an email from the Settings in the magazine app home. If you still have any issues EMAIL us and we will help you.
To receive the magazine for free sign up HERE.

1. How do I find and download iSing magazine to my device?

Below is a video showing you how to download iSing Magazine to your device.

2. I subscribed to iSing on my iPhone, but when I try to access it on my iPad the system asks for me to pay again.

This unfortunately is a bug with versions 2.7.5 and older of MagCast, the company that manufactures the app that is used to access issues of iSing. To get around it, there are two options:

Option 1

a. Log in with the same apple ID on the apple device you did not subscribe on.
b. Launch the App
c. Click on the yellow subscribe button and click on Restore all purchases.
d. Then close the app and fully re-launch it.
e. It should on the second launch show the grey restore button if you were a subscriber.

Option 2

a. On whichever device you’re able to access iSing open app, click on “Settings” (lower right hand corner).
b. Copy the device token number (it’s very long!).
c. Email that number to yourself directly from the “Contact Us Here” link, or store it somewhere you can access online from another device.
d. Go to “Current Subscribers” in the app of your new devise then add the device token number to the “Your Account Number” box. Your new device should now be set up with your already purchased issues.

3. I’m and Android user. Can I still access iSing?

Yes! iSing is also available in the Google Play store at this link:

4. I don’t have a smart phone or tablet. How can I access iSing?

We are a device only digital magazine. If you are a pro singer, or aiming to be, in the Western world it is nigh impossible to run a career without a mobile phone or an online presence. 80% of searches are done from a mobile device – that means this is how people are searching for music – soooo, if you are one of those very rare people without a mobile device and a singing career is important to you, weeeeellll, it might be time?

5. I have been given a code for a free download how do I use it?

On your App Store:
1. Search for ‘iSing magazine’
2. Download app (free)
3. Open app
4. Selecting ‘Subscribe’ then ‘Current Subscribers’
5. Enter code into ‘Your Account Number window’.
6. The latest issue will automatically start downloading (look for the blue line under the cover image to see download process)

6. How do I view, change or cancel my subscription?

Click HERE for Apple iTunes

Click HERE for GooglePlay

7. How can I get my music reviewed or featured in iSing?

We’re thrilled that you want to be covered in iSing. If you’re a manager, a vocalist or are in a band with a remarkable vocalist, then submit your details and links to your music or videos HERE. If you are suitable we’ll be in touch!

8. How can I get my product reviewed in iSing?

You’ve probably noticed that we don’t just cover singers but also other things related to singing, such as health, mindset, music business, fashion, apps, gear, books, etc. If you are interested in being reviewed or featured in iSing, please sent an email the ASSISTANT EDITOR with a brief description of your item and links to places we can learn more about it. If you’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch! We also have a media kit for potential advertisers click HERE for more info.

9. I want to write for iSing!

We’re flattered! But just to be up front, please know that most iSing writing opportunities are, for the time being, unpaid. In the future, when the magazine has some mileage and we have a budget for writers, things will certainly change. If this news doesn’t deter you, then please send a writing sample and article or column idea to via this LINK. We’ll get back to you ASAP if you are suitable.

10. I need to cancel my booking on a paid event (online or live)

Please check out iSing Magazine’s cancellation policy HERE

11. I have a question not covered here