Eurovision 2019: Listen to the six acts vying to sing for the UK

Eurovision 2019

Forget Brexit, there’s another pressing European matter on the agenda: Who will represent the UK at Eurovision 2019?

This Friday a public vote will decide who’ll sing for the nation at Tel Aviv in May. (Hold up, Tel Aviv? Isn’t that in Israel? Correct. The contest is called Eurovision but, in accordance with the rules, as last year’s winner Netta came from Israel, the show will come to you from the Middle East.)

But enough about that, back too Eurovision You Decide. The competition will feature six contestants, three songs and two rounds. First up, two artists will each perform the same song, in their own style. Judges will decide which version they prefer, and the winning artist will then go through to round two. Here the three remaining artists will perform again, and the public will vote for the winner.

Many of the six contestants should be quite at home with this format, as they have experience on reality television shows such as the X Factor and All Together Now.

iSingmag’s favourite is Kerrie-Anne, whose up-tempo, dance-friendly version of Sweet Lies sounds quite Eurovision to us. Kerrie-Anne was working as a teacher in Dubai when she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a pro singer. She’s performed across the UAE and was an X Factor semi-finalist in 2015.

Like Kerrie-Anne, Anisa will sing Sweet Lies. Mancunian Anisa already has a strong track record in the music industry as a songwriter (she co-wrote the Ariana Grande hit Piano and has written for Swedish and French Eurovision contestants).

The bookies favourite, Michael Rice, is a veteran of the X Factor (he made it through to boot camp in 2014). The former fish and chip shop worker from Hartlepool also recently appeared on the BBC’s All Together Now and took home the show’s top prize of £50,000. His version of Bigger Than Us is a classic boyband-style ballad.

Holly Tandy finished seventh in X Factor in 2017 when she was just 17. Her version of Bigger Than Us has a strong Americana flavour.

Jordan Clark (Britain’s Got Talent) is also a strong favourite. He has a fresh, clean-cut pop vibe that we think Eurovision fans might like, but we’re not keen on Freaks, the song the’s been given (I’ve been locked in a locker, I was picked last at soccer“). The internet is awash with people saying how terrible it is, and yet they can’t stop singing it. So maybe it has traction.

Last, but not least, is the trio Maid, with Freaks.

Eurovision You Decide airs on Friday.

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