Deliberate practice expert Sus B releases debut album

Susanne Bargmann realises her dream of releasing an album and it’s all down to deliberate practice.

Can you be in your 40s and still chase your dream of being a pro singer? Absolutely says Susanne Bargmann, who has released her debut album in her homeland of Denmark.

iSingmag covered her inspiring story earlier this year, but we love it so much here it is again in brief. As a child, Bargmann loved singing but lacked confidence to pursue it as a career. She became a psychologist instead and enjoyed a good life, with a top job and two children. But something was missing – singing. Instead of living with this regret, as many do, Bargmann committed to a tough regime of deliberate practice (this by the way is not any old practice, it’s goal-driven and focused).

She practised for an hour a day, slotting it in between work and family commitments. Under the guidance of a top vocal coach Bargmann identified specific areas she needs to work on and painstakingly focuses on them. It’s tough and at times exposing, but the hard work paid off.

Bargmann improved, dramatically, and has now realised her dream with the release of her debut album, Where did our love go?, under the name Sus B.

“I feel very, very proud of the album and the fact that I actually did it,” Bargmann says. “I’ve co-written five songs, so this album really represents me. But what brought tears to my eyes was when our biggest radio station here (Danmarks Radio) playlisted my second single! They now play the song one to two times per day. It feels so surreal that I was able to accomplish that.

“I feel this proves the point that with the right kind of practice, and a whole lot of dedication and time, it’s actually possible to achieve a lot of things you never thought were possible.”

The album took two years to make and now it’s finished Bargmann is planning her next move.

“I feel I need to spend time with my coach figuring out what my next goal is – because this is what will keep me motivated to continue.”

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Listen to her new album HERE.


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