Dance duo Belau on collaborating with vocalists

Belau on collaborating wtih vocalists

Electronica duo Belau has a strong track when it comes to collaborating with vocalists and recently joined forces with British singer Sophie Barker.

Hungarian dance act Belau are rising stars on the European music scene thanks to their trademark sound, an uplifting combination of chilled out beats and ethereal vocals.

To help create this evocative sonic footprint Belau has drawn on the talents of vocalists Heygi Dori (Island of Promise), Myra Monoka (Open Water), Sophie Lindinger (Breathe) and, most recently, Sophie Barker.

Barker has something of a cult following on the British dance scene and is best known for her work with Zero7 and Groove Armada. You can hear her on Belau’s latest single Essence.

Peter Kedves, one half of Belau (his musical partner is Buzas Krisztian), says the key driver behind any collaboration with a singer is, obviously, the artist’s voice. But it’s not the only thing.

Before establishing a connection, the duo also look at an artist’s social media presence and website. Then it comes down to a question of chemistry.

“We need to know that it will feel good working with them in the studio,” Kedves says. “Before we start, we try to talk about the song, and it’s meaning.”

What’s his advice for vocalists looking to build collaborative relationships?

“Work a lot, never give up, but don’t agree all offers. Try to work with people who are not just talented, but also good people.”

The past two years have been something of a whirlwind for Belau, who have performed 200 gigs in 22 countries including shows at SXSW and Eurosonic.

The pace is set to continue this summer, when Belau will play at some of Europe’s coolest festivals including Primavera in Barcelona, Sziget in their home city of Budapest and Electric Castle in Transylvania.


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