Check out Roland’s new digital piano

Roland has unveiled a slick new series of digital pianos: the LX700 series.  The instrument-makers claim these can deliver an experience akin to playing a grand piano at a world-class venue – while you’re sat at home.

It’s a big claim, but Roland says it’s possible thanks to its new PureAcoustic Modeling technology. This emulates the way that acoustic pianos produce sound, including the hammers striking the strings and the sound resonating through the piano’s body (unlike most digital pianos that create their sound with sampling).

Each LX700 can create two tonally distinct, grand piano models – one for European tastes and the other with an American feel – so LX700 players can customise the sound they want.

As if that’s not enough, the new technology also recreates the sound space around the piano by convincingly emulating the acoustic properties of world-class concert halls, studios, and even cathedrals, which is especially impressive when using headphones.

Other features include:

  • A highly responsive keyboard and pedals.
  • Bluetooth® audio
  • A metronome
  • A unique C-shape aperture on the piano’s front that enables natural sound projection.
  • Depending on the model, finishes include polished ebony, polished white, charcoal, dark rosewood, and light oak.

There are several different models within the LX700 range.

The entry-level LX705 has the most compact cabinet, a four-speaker system, and Roland’s expressive PHA-50 keyboard, yet still shares technology with the flagship and premium models. Prices start at £2,111.

The midrange LX706 offers a shorter cabinet, closed-lid design, and six-speaker system, matching its pro-level performance with a budget-conscious price. Prices start at £2,903.

The flagship LX708 has a tall, commanding cabinet and a lid that opens for optimum sound projection, as well as a powerful eight-speaker sound system. Prices start at £3,519.

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