Musical theater songwriter Scott Alan

Scott Alan is a man who needs no introduction if you follow musical theatre. If you don’t, well then jump on board! Fresh from selling out four shows at the London Hippodrome, Scott Alan is one of the top contemporary musical theatre writers in the world.  He is known for writing soul-searching, honest, and mind-pondering […]

Location & Vocation part 2

Online Opportunity So despite the insistence of Kirstie Allsopp, it turns out that location, location, location really isn’t so important after all, especially when it comes to making it in music. Whether you’re an Uptown Girl loving the noise and the hurry of Downtown or prefer driving the country road to West Virginia, the truth is, […]

Location & Vocation Pt. 1

Having grown up in the South Wales Valleys, my connection with music has always been strong. Even decades on, I still so vividly remember the sound of our small mining village waking up for work each morning.  Hundreds upon hundreds of men arrived over the mountains that created the valley we lived in, bringing with them unmistakable and deep choral voices that defined the […]