Can anyone sing?

What a question! I actually dread this question and I get asked this ALL this time, and I know that most of my fellow singing teachers do as well. When posed I find that there is a really strong instinct to reply “of course!” and I’ve even heard singing teachers assure people that there really […]

Making the right connections

Music Gateway helps artists connect to other like-minded musicians and bands, and also acts as an A&R vehicle and resource for labels, managers and publishers who are looking for talent, to hire people for session work and licensing music. It allows creative professionals to collaborate and conduct business globally. iSing spoke to Jon Skinner, the […]

6 steps to your first cover band marketing plan

If you’re a performing singer, or working in a cover band, you’re going to need marketing plan. Most music marketing advice tells you that you need “exposure”. While not necessarily untrue, you don’t need “exposure” per se, rather, you need to generate actual leads and inquiries from prospective clients that want to book you for […]

Teaching beginner adults

Teaching Beginner Adult Singers Like many singers who graduate with a master’s degree in vocal performance, I stumbled into teaching voice as an alternative to waiting tables. And like many of those singers, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. I began teaching private voice full-time in 2002 and had spent the previous […]

The Role of a Music Lawyer

So, what does a music lawyer do? The music industry is very complicated: there’s so many sources of income for artists, and even more if you write. Every time that there’s some sort of transaction in music, it involves the concept of intellectual property. Something like a song for example, is quite a nebulous thing. […]

Professional etiquette in session singing

After  35 years  of session singing in  LA, Nashville,  and London,  I’m still gobsmacked at the unprofessional behaviour  I witness from alleged ‘pros’  in my business. I have seen the most outrageous things, including a singer being fired in front of the  group due to poor  professionalism. So unnecessary, as  it’s so easy to get things right! It […]

Dave Stroud Renown vocal coach, entrepreneur & tech nerd

World-renowned vocal coach, Dave Stroud,  generously shared with iSing some  of his career  journey and  wisdoms. In  the following  videos, you’ll learn Dave’s secrets  to  working with  international  artists, his  teaching  philosophy and methodology,  his  big picture  goals  with the  VocalizeU  App technology,  his favourite career moment (this might surprise you!), what still keeps him  excited about […]

Interview with Chris Grayston

What Open Mic UK can offer a singer. Interview with Chris Grayston Open mic nights have been fundamental to the entertainment industry for decades. Not only are they a way for music lovers and industry pros to check out local music talent, but they’re also a way for performers to show off their skill in an […]