Michael Hutchence

New Michael Hutchence film reflects on singer’s life, loves and career

Mystify: Michael Hutchence, out next week, provides a behind-the-scenes view of the INXS frontman’s early life, rise to fame and the troubled final years. Filmmaker Richard Lowenstein draws heavily on archive footage shot by Hutchence’s family and those close to him including Kylie Minogue to create a moving, and somewhat tragic, portrait of the late […]

Menopause and the singer

Menopause and the Singer

Vocal coach Rebecca Reid explores how Menopause affects the singing voice and the best ways to manage symptoms. It is widely accepted that the voice is a sensitive instrument, affected by ageing, allergies, infection and hormone fluctuations. Menopause, caused by deducing reproductive hormones, such as oestrogen and progestogen, is the natural female transition from reproductive […]