In Ear Monitors (IEM) can save your hearing and your voice

Two for one! How In Ear Monitors (IEM) can save your hearing and your voice!

Last week Jono Heale from Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) spoke to audiologist Paul Checkley about hearing and hearing protection. This week he speaks to artists Rodney Branigan and Jaki Graham about the benefits of wearing custom-fit In Ear Monitors (IEM) for hearing protection, singing and performance. You can use them for live performance and, as […]

My top five favourite apps – Line Hilton

iSing’s Editorial Director LINE HILTON is a self-confessed tech geek. Here are her five favourite iPhone apps. 1. Headspace (subscription) This app is a life saver for me. With so much to plan and do for iSing and other projects I’m involved in I find it increasingly important to take mental “time out”. I’m currently working through Headspace’s 30-day Focus programme to help […]

Introducing Drummer From Another Mother, Moog’s new synthesizer.

Introducing Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM), Moog’s new – and brilliantly named – synthesizer. The latest offering from the pioneering electro music brand is a neat, easy-to-use bit of kit. Activated by an analog sequencer, DFAM’s emotive sound begins with a white noise generator and two wide-range analog oscillators – effortlessly transitioning between rhythmic pulsations, resounding […]

App for jazz scat singers

A leading jazz performer and teacher has created an app to help jazz scat singers develop their technique. Michele Weir, US based jazz arranger, educator, singer and pianist, is the driving force behind ScatAbility. Singers using the ScatAbility app can listen to demonstrations by professional jazz singers to learn etudes, exercises and call and response […]

New Uke on the block

Kamaka Ukuleles are internationally famous for their rich tone, design and tradition. The Hawaii-based manufacturer was founded by Samuel Kamaka and many of the practices used in creating his ukuleles have been handed down to generations. They are handmade to order and are highly regarded for their durability and composition.London-based supplier Duke of Uke recently […]

Building a home recording studio from scratch Ep. 4: Singer/songwriter Sam Brown on how she uses technology for song writing and demos

Rose’s advice on building your own home recording studio is unfolding into an incredible series, and we’re loving every bit of it. In Episode 4, Rose brings in a very special guest—veteran singer/songwriter Sam Brown. Sam has been a working and signed singer since her teens. Her Top 10 song, “Stop”, was featured in the […]