Back to the future

  Every mainstream singer we hear today has either been influenced by or has mimicked a singer who came before them. So who are you listening to? Which singers influence you? How far back does your singing legacy go? In my experience, singers don’t ‘listen’ closely enough. This means they often miss out on the […]

The First Line

Lyrics are heard, not read. A VERY important distinction! Our brains process information differently through our ears, than through our eyes. When we hear a lyric, each line builds onto the next one. Knowing what to put first, and what to put “next” makes a tremendous difference toonto how your listeners perceive your lyric. I […]

Nurturing the artist within

If you wake up every morning with a calling in your heart to sing, dance, dream, make art, create, inspire, be inspired, or experience something bigger than yourself, it’s highly likely that you have an ‘artist’ within. This artist is a living, breathing seed inside of you. It needs time and the right type of […]

Musical Theatre speak

Once upon a time, most musical theatre scores were written for classically trained singers. These days, musicals are written in every genre, which means talented singers from many different backgrounds are able to find their niche in musical theatre. This is an era when on any given night, theatregoers can choose from an edgy pop-rock […]