Building a home recording studio from scratch Ep.3: How to record vocal track

Rose has been dedicated to taking the reigns on technology and getting a hold on her own career through teaching us the inner workings of a home recording studio. We’ve all dreamt of having our  own studio. Working from your own  studio easily acts as a placewhere you can break  off from your usual  day-today routine and work on your craft in a place that’s customized just for you. Home studio’s give you freedom and are an obvious boost to creativity and productivity. Rose continues to demystifying the home recording studio and teaches us just how to create one of our own! In  Episode  3  we  get  into  the  most  important  part  of  a  home recording studio—recording! In this video you will learn  how to use Logic to get a  start on recording your tracks from the comfort of your own home studio.


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Rose Kimberley is an accomplished singer-songwriter, session singer and vocal coach who has a publishing deal with Integrity Records.