The best microphones for singers who record from home

Top Microphones For Recording At Home


With a few simple clicks, you can send your voice worldwide. Your voice is your chance to make a great first impression.

Recorded music is the best way to quickly share your music with thousands or millions of people. Your song — whether on Spotify, FM radio, or your CD — is your one chance to catch people’s ears. And from there, earn their trust as your fan.

Your recorded voice has got to sound like your live voice, like it does when you’re singing in your bedroom. It has to sound as amazing recorded as it does in real life.

This is why you need a microphone that will do your voice justice. You want a mic that makes you sound like you without suffocating your bank account.

If you’re like me and a lot of other indie musicians, you have a budget. Most likely, you’re also recording from home (or your mom’s home), which means you probably don’t have the type of equipment the big studios have. You can’t just drop $1,000 on the best vocal mic on the market.

So here are three of the best microphones for singers who record from home.


Audio-Technica AT2035 — $150

The AT2035 is a great first mic. Affordable yet clear sounding.

It’s a cardioid mic, which means it records out of just one side (this is also called uni-directional). It’s a large diaphragm condenser mic, meaning it’s going to make your voice sound bigger and more engaging. Just like it does in-person.

Basically, it will help your voice sound more like the pros.

SM58 — $100

If your best, most loyal friend were a microphone, they’d be a SM58.

It’s reliable and sounds great. I’ve heard stories of people accidentally slamming their SM58s in their car door, smashing the cover, and it still sounding perfectly new. It’s tough and elegant at the same time.

Singers often use this mic live, but it works just as well in the studio. And for $100, you can’t do much better.


Bluebird SL — $300

Like the AT2035, the Bluebird SL is a large diaphragm cardioid mic. But honestly, this one gets a way crisper yet warmer, clearer, and more beautiful sound than the AT2035. If you have $300 to drop on a mic, this is the mic you want.

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