Be inspired, be informed: singing advice from the V-Team

vocal health

Have you seen these guys? They’re the V-Team, four vocal experts who have made a series of snappy videos brimming with singing advice and tips to keep your mind and body in shape.

Chris Johnson, Steve Giles, Joshua Alamu and iSing’s founder and editor Line Hilton have created the video series in conjunction with Vocalzone, the makers of throat lozenges and tea formulated specifically for vocal care.

The next four videos in the series cover air flow and volume, nutrition and supplements, vocal exercises and vocal style – all stuff you should you know if you want to get the best out of your voice. So if you’re looking for creative inspiration and motivation or want to learn how to up your game, then tune in to the V-Team.


Our mission is to empower the singer through their voice, performance, health, understanding of the biz, and mindset so they can go out and create to their heart’s content.