Barbra Streisand is back and she’s taking on Trump

Vocal powerhouse Barbra Streisand has just released her first single in 13 years: a politically-charged anthem that takes aim at the Donald.

Don’t Lie To Me is the first single off Babs’ 36th studio album, Walls, out in November.

The ten-time Grammy winner says the song came out of her growing frustration with the state of American politics after Trump’s election (Streisand was a vocal supporter of Hilary Clinton).

“I had to put my creative energy somewhere,” she says. “Thank God I have music in my life. I have a way to express my feelings. Lies get me crazy. I’m in shock every day when I turn on the news and hear what he has said.”

Even though Babs is 76 and about to become a grandmother, she’s showing no signs of slowing or mellowing. Not only is Streisand busy slating Trump (in song and on Twitter), she’s also using her current promo tour to urge American women to “claim their power” and vote Democrat in the upcoming mid-terms, in a reference to the ongoing controversy about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

While she’s been critical of Trump, Babs has nothing but gracious when it comes to Lady Gaga. She describes Gaga’s performance in the remake of A Star Is Born as wonderful.

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