Whitney Cytryn

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Whitney is a vocal coach, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur based in San Francisco, USA. She is incredibly passionate about sharing her love of singing, songwriting and the magic of expressing and creating music with others. She and her husband Niall David opened Songbird Studios in 2008, and what began as a small, two-person operation has now grown into the leading studio for Vocal Coaching in Northern California. Having recently opened their third studio location in San Francisco, Songbird Studios currently boasts more than 20 vocal coaches and administrative staff with over 400 student singers from ages 8 to 80. Whitney is also the creator of the Singing / Straw, Chairperson of Vocology in Practice (ViP), a global network of the world’s leading voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches and voice professionals on the forefront of vocal health, science and pedagogy, as well as an active voting member of PAVA, the Pan American Vocology Association.