Apple Music releases analytical tool for artists

Artists For Apple Music

Good news for singers looking to fine tune their music promotion: Apple Music has released a new app giving artists detailed streaming information.

It’s called Apple Music For Artists (AMFA) and it’s available free to all verified Apple artists.

What is it?

AMFA gives artists analytics about who is streaming their music. It’s been in the pipeline for some time but following a successful beta testing phase, Apple has made it available to all.

As well as providing a clear overview of music performance, artists can learn the cities where their music is most popular (AMFA covers 100 countries).

The app also allows you to view week on week trends and get details about song and album purchases and playlists.

In an added bonus, artists can use AMFA to get data from the music recognition app Shazam (which Apple Music owns). So you can find out where in the world people are Shazamming your music.

How will it help artists?

This information will help artists devise social media and promo strategies and plan tours. This is especially useful for independent artists who don’t have a big record label team behind them.

How much does it cost?

Good news, it’s free to verified artists.

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