Alternative Power 100 Music List revealed

Power 100 List

A new list celebrating 100 people and organisations challenging conventional music standards is out and makes for fascinating reading.

The Alternative Power 100 Music List is put together by, the global network of women in the music industry.

It comes out every year and recognises traditionally underrepresented groups such as women, people of colour, those with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community.

A different perspective

It’s an antidote to Billboard’s Power 100 List – the annual chart of heavyhitters in the music industry. In any given year you can be sure the Billboard Power 100 List will be two things: mostly white and most male. In 2018, for example, only one woman made the top 25. (After that we got too depressed and stopped counting).

The #AltList2019 is a different story, serving as a reminder of just how many cool people (not just women, men get a mention too) are out there using music to break down barriers.

Who made #AltList 2019?

Among those honoured are singer Jackie Queens, who founded Women of House South Africa, which speaks up for women house music vocalists, Dot Levine, Head of Communications at Vevo, and Janine Irons, MD of Tomorrow Warriors, an organisation that nurtures emerging jazz talent.

Other worthy mentions include Femi Adeyemi, founder of NTS Radio, and Naomi Pohl, Deputy General Secretary of Musicians’ Union (MU).

Pohl was active in bringing about change in the wake of the #MeToo movement. She developed the MU’s Safe Space initiative, a scheme that brought musicians together to share their experiences and discuss practical ways of creating cultural change.

She led on the creation of Music Sector Code of Practice and provided direct support to women in the music industry who had experienced sexual harassment, abuse or exploitation.

Pohl says: “As a long-standing member of, I’m so thrilled and grateful to have been selected for this alternative list of industry folk who’ve contributed to or fostered community in some way. It is an exciting time to work in music, despite the many challenges we face collectively.”

Check out the #AltList2019 HERE.

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