African Music Award winner Ahmed Soultan announces gig

African music star Ahmed Soultan

Singer Ahmed Soultan, a pioneer of Afrobian – African and Arabian music – is heading to London for a one-off gig.

It was American funk star and bandleader George Clinton who put a name to Ahmed Soultan’s style of music.

The Moroccan artist, who sings in four different languages (Berbère, Arabian, English and French) was working with the legendary Clinton when he coined the term “Afrobian”.

“He said ‘I can hear Africa, but I can also hear something else, I don’t know what it is’,” Soultan recalls.

“I said ‘I think it’s a couple of instruments from North Africa with a couple of Middle Eastern melodies.”

Hence the term Afrobian came to life, one which Soultan, who also takes inspiration from soul, R&B and hip hop, is more than happy with but doesn’t insist on.

“If you want to call it world music, call it that. If you want to call it pop, I don’t care. As long as you listen and feel the music,” he says.

Fans of any of these genres can judge for themselves when Soultan performs at a special one-off gig at 229 The Venue on 23 October. For more details about his London gig CLICK HERE.

Soultan has been on the music scene for more than 15 years. His third album Music Has No Boundaries brought him to a much wider audience and won the Best African album category at the All African Music Awards in 2016. This year he released an extended version of the album, including seven new tracks.

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