What Is iSing Mag About?

“I wanted to create a hub for singers where they could find reliable information, resources and advice about all things singing. Also, somewhere to hang out with like-minded peeps who get it. Singing can at times be a lonely job, full of doubt and lacking in support. Basically, I wanted to create something I wish I’d had when I was starting out. And so iSing Magazine was born!” Line Hilton, Founder.

At its most basic, iSing Magazine is a magazine dedicated to singers and singing. But we know it has the potential to be so much more than that.

We are building iSing Magazine as a resource hub for the global network of singers, singing teachers and music industry peeps alike, providing valuable information about the trade and uniting singers around the world in their shared dream of making it, however that dream is defined.

iSing Magazine is for savvy career oriented singers who want to stay ahead of the game, fill in the gaps and find out what’s what. You’ll find tons of great articles and interviews on a wide variety of topics from careers, singing technique, vocal style, health, mindset, the music biz, fashion, songwriting, technology and gear.

This is not a magazine for people who think that being a singer is just about winning a reality TV show competition. But we’re spot on for people who know that it’s about passion, grit, preparation and a lot of luck.

We can’t make you famous or successful but we can definitely help you along the way!

What’s in the mag?

We cover a diverse range of topics every issue in the form of articles, interviews, and videos, including but not limited to singing fundamentals, singing careers, vocal health, technology for singers, a reviews section and a profile on our featured cover artist every issue. All content is contributed by established singing professionals who are experts in their respective fields. You don’t have to worry about getting bad advice here!

How can I read it?

Originally we started as a digital magazine on an App (iTunes and GooglePlay) but after a full review at the end of 2017, we decided to move to being a website based magazine starting from Jan 2018. You can still get all past issues 1-21 in The Tribe  membership.

Monday to Friday we post free  articles via the website which you can get direct to your Inbox daily or weekly by signing up to either the free or paid membership.

The Tribe Membership

The Tribe membership was launched in March 2018. You can access all our future and past webinars, other educational videos, the 14 lesson Vocal Warm Up course, and lots of discounts on products and services that are useful to the singer.  Click HERE to read more about the The Tribe membership