6 steps to your first cover band marketing plan

If you’re a performing singer, or working in a cover band, you’re going to need marketing plan.

Most music marketing advice tells you that you need “exposure”. While not necessarily untrue, you don’t need “exposure” per se, rather, you need to generate actual leads and inquiries from prospective clients that want to book you for their event.

The difference is subtle but has a massive effect on how you go about marketing yourself.
I’ve been managing, marketing, and selling cover bands to corporate and private event clients for just short of 10 years.

Here are the 6 fundamental steps you need to follow to set yourself on the path to bookings.

1. Know who your target audience is and what it wants

Think about who your ideal client might be. Picture them in your mind.
Now think about what you want to stand for as a band.
Does it appeal to the ideal client you pictured?
Think about how you might tweak what you do to make it more appealing to them.
Giving your market what it wants makes it so much easier to get bookings.

2. Create a promo video that’s an advert for your band.

Video is massive. You can’t escape it. In fact you should embrace it. The benefits of using a well-produced promo show reel are huge compared to the cost to produce.
Most show reels just show bands doing a straight up performance. BORING. We can do so much better than that.
Think of your promo video as an advert for your band. You’ve got under 3 minutes to either impress your prospect or turn them off you. Make it count.
Your promo video is the biggest weapon in your marketing arsenal. Don’t under estimate it’s power to get you inquiries and bookings.

3. Have a website that sells your band while you sleep.

Your website is your cover band’s home online. It’s one of the first places prospects check you out.
To be taken seriously by them and give yourself the best chance of getting the booking, you’ve got to have the best website you can possibly afford.
More importantly it must educate them as to why your band is the right choice for their event.
A word of warning: Your Facebook page or any other social platform is not a substitute for a website.

4. Put your band in front of prospective clients that are most likely to want to book you.

Most bands are reactive. They cross their fingers hoping the phone will ring and they’ll pick up bookings. It doesn’t happen like that.
You must have a plan to go and find your audience, bring them back to your website where you must do your very best to persuade them that you’re the right band for their event.
But where are they and how do you find them? Start thinking about where you’re audience hangs out online and offline. What do they do before they book a band for their event?

5. Convert more inquiries into bookings.

You’ve worked hard on your promo material, your website looks the business, and you’ve spent money and time going out and generating inquiries.
You now need to give yourself the best chance of converting your inquiries into paying bookings.
How? It’s beyond the scope of this article to go any deeper here but it’s been shown that you increase your chances of securing a booking the faster you respond to a lead. Yes, you should be responding to a lead within the hour.

6. Create an amazing experience for your client so that they can’t wait to tell the world about you.

Just thinking that you need to put on a great show for your client misses the point. They’re expecting you to put on a great show. It’s why they booked you.
Think about how you can go above and beyond delivering a great show. Make your client feel special and loved.
The better the experience your client has in your hands the more referable you become.
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