5 tools that will make your singing career easier

Singing Career Toolbox

As many professional singers will tell you, singing is not easy and neither is making a career of singing. You probably already know this.

So anything you can do to make the road to success smoother and your days more productive will definitely benefit you.

With that in mind, here are five tools that will make your singing career so much easier.

A Vocal Coach

Do we really need vocal coaches? Isn’t there an app or something that can teach you?

In short, no. Get a vocal teacher.

A piece of technology cannot give you what an educated and experienced human being standing in front of you can. Like I said above, singing is not easy. We all need someone to objectively direct us on how to improve.

iSing has plenty of articles on the benefits of hiring a vocal coach. And in fact, iSing’s founder, Line Hilton, is a teacher who specializes in performing arts medicine.

“This means,” she says on her website, “I can quickly assess your vocal health, singing and performance needs; then help you to develop the most effective vocal exercises and refer you to many great resources so you can optimise your singing and performance experience.”

A Nice Microphone

Whether you’re recording at home or performing live, a microphone is the conduit through which your voice travels to people’s ears.

In other words, the mic you use has to be at least decent (but preferably amazing).

For recording at home, check out our top three recommendations for affordable but very good mics. And one of those three mics, the SM58, is your best bet for performing live. It’s widely accepted as the most reliable and durable microphone.

Pitch Correction

Hold on — before you skip this section, hear me out.

Your voice may be great, but it won’t hurt to add a dash of pitch correction. You don’t want to use too much that it’s obvious, but just enough that it subtly improves the smoothness of your notes.

Give it a try. You might be surprised.

Performance Apps

Tablet and mobile phone apps are a great opportunity that singers back in the day didn’t have access to. Every singer and musician should at least consider using one or multiple apps to complement their career.

For example, you can pick up ThumbJam, a virtual instrument app, or Notion, a notation editor that uses sounds recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

There are plenty more — you can check out iSing’s recommendations here.

A PA System

Let’s admit it — nobody likes dealing with a sound system. Not even the sound guy.

But having a nice PA system is an investment that can make gigging so much easier. No more praying that the venue will have a half-decent sound system. No more annoying your one friend with a PA system.

Just buy your own and you’ll be all set! And iSing has put together a guide to help you choose the right PA system.

Use even just one of these tools and I can (almost) guarantee it will make it easier on your singing career.

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Caleb J. Murphy is a musician who writes about music. His writing appears in Consequence of Sound, Pittsburgh City Paper, and some other cool places. He also blogs about music on his website: calebjmurphy.com