5 things you should know about the Alexander Technique

Alexander TechniqueThe Alexander Technique is a teaching approach based on the discoveries of F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) an Australian actor who suffered from chronic hoarseness and respiratory ailments. He spent years studying how to “unlearn,” or prevent habits that limited his abilities as a performer.

Using gentle hands-on guidance, Alexander teachers help their students to access greater freedom and ease in their activities.  The Alexander Technique is taught throughout the world, and is of special interest to performing artists.  Alexander Technique students can experience improvement in these key areas:

1. AT will expand your sensory awareness, giving you greater access to your support, and expressive powers.

2. AT will help you “undo” acquired habits that interfere with your natural poise, leading to improved coordination and access to vocal potential.

3. AT will enhance breathing by freeing the mobility of the spine and ribs.

4. AT will reduce performance anxiety by developing your ability to respond to stimuli, and make choices in the moment.

5. AT will release postural reflexes, allowing greater buoyancy, and better mental focus.

Alexander Technique lessons and classes are available at many conservatories and arts institutions as well as privately.

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