The Vocal Warm Up Course with Line Hilton, Voice and Performing Arts Medicine Specialist

This is a comprehensive 14 lesson course to help you understand what warm-up exercises are out there and how to develop a warm-up regime that suits your individual voice, vocal style and situation.

Through doing the course you will

  • understand why warm-ups are important,
  • receive a selection of easy to do and highly effective warm-up exercises
  • understand how each one helps your voice and singing
  • get step-by-step instructions for each warm up, what to look out for and how to measure its success
  • get guidance on how to approach vocal warmups, which scales to use, how long to do them for and when

Also included are a range of backing tracks for each scale described (male and female keys) as well as other support material.

As a bonus, you will also receive 3 webinar interviews with Dr. Ingo Titze, voice scientist, Joshua Alamu, top vocal coach (Little Mix, Rita Ora) and backing vocalist Katie Holmes-Smith (Adele, Olly Murs, Professor Green) talking about the science and practical application behind vocal warm-ups for pro singers.

Ready, set, go…