A cappella blending

Harmonies. They can be the bane of your life if your voice isn’t in great shape. Especially in an A cappella setting because your voice might give a nice block harmony that “nails down a blackboard” vibe, prompting the other parts to do that quintessential “is that me?” wincing look. Contemporary lead vocals are a […]

Minor Soul, brothers in harmony

By Bronwyn Bidwell Brothers Jack and Max Wagner are fresh-faced old souls. Their acoustic-pop group Minor Soul produces music which is brimming with lyrical and melodic maturity – despite the fact its creators are only in their early 20s.Born in London, raised in Hong Kong and now living in New York, the pair writes songs about […]

Vocal strain

Strain. Some (or rather many) of us are good friends with that little devil. It wraps itself around our neck like a boa constrictor, squeezing the blood into our pained faces. That may be a little dramatic, but let’s be honest; it’s a pain in the butt right? But what exactly is strain? There are […]

Belting is it safe?

Chris & Steve look into the ins and outs of ‘belting’, how it can be done and how to avoid the perils of this extreme technique. What is belting? To start with this vocal quality probably features on every singer’s wish list: to sing hard and strong on the high notes. As we already know, we can […]

Managers -who needs one?

My career was spent at the Virgin record label but in 2001 I became a manager of Francis Dunnery and then D*Note. Why? Having experience and because they asked me. I had worked with Francis Dunnery and his band It Bites at Virgin in the 80s but the world was changing and he needed help […]

Can anyone sing?

What a question! I actually dread this question and I get asked this ALL this time, and I know that most of my fellow singing teachers do as well. When posed I find that there is a really strong instinct to reply “of course!” and I’ve even heard singing teachers assure people that there really […]

The artist’s circle

The first time I went to an Artists Circle by Wendy Parr in NYC, I found myself dancing blindfolded amongst about 15 other, also blindfolded, dancers, for an HOUR. We were participating in a ‘trance dance’ with the aim to move blocked energy, to release expectations of ourselves and others by removing our sight, and […]

Practice pays off

Quantum physics and brain neuroplasticity have become hot topics in recent years. The idea that you can change your brain and change your life through mental rehearsal and meditation is a powerful one. Let’s see how that can work for you as a singer. Brain neuroplasticity refers to physical changes in the neural pathways and […]

Gretchen Parlato interview

Multi-award winning Jazz vocalist Gretchen Parlato has performed on some of the world’s most famous stages as a soloist and collaborating with jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Esperanza Spalding. Since winning the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocals Competition in 2004 Parlato has established herself as one of the most inventive of […]

My brain surgery Aria

Slovenian opera singer Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne shot to fame this year when a video of his brain tumour operation, during which he performs Schubert’s Gute Nacht, went viral. We caught up with him recently to get the behind the scenes story, and find out what he’s learned about health, well-being and YouTube fame. iSing: So tell […]

Allergies and the voice

Most people associate allergies with the classic symptoms seen on commercials: itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. For singers, allergies, even when not accompanied by these dramatic symptoms, can have very sinister effects on the voice. The postnasal drip that is caused by allergies can actually cause laryngitis. When mild, this may only cause […]

Attack of the polyps

When a young pop star needs surgery on their vocal cords it can be a singer’s worst nightmare. Performances have to be cancelled and tours prematurely ended. Adele and Sam Smith have both taken time off from the music scene due to haemorrhaged polyps, and Jess Glynne, currently enjoying whirlwind success after five consecutive number […]

App for jazz scat singers

A leading jazz performer and teacher has created an app to help jazz scat singers develop their technique. Michele Weir, US based jazz arranger, educator, singer and pianist, is the driving force behind ScatAbility. Singers using the ScatAbility app can listen to demonstrations by professional jazz singers to learn etudes, exercises and call and response […]

Sennheiser – reshaping excellence

Sennheiser recently revealed their latest products for the first time in a private viewing at London’s Central Hall Westminster. The company took the opportunity to showcase a new vision which CEOs Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser called Sennheiser’s “next big thing”. “This company has an enviable history of innovation, which has been built on a […]