Portrait of a trailblazer

Choir conductor Gregory Batsleer talks to Clarissa Land about combining art forms, battling tradition, the importance of a good vocal coach, and what the worlds of classical and contemporary singing can learn from each other. Hailing from Manchester, 27-year-old Gregory Batsleer is a young choir conductor on a musical mission. He’s dynamic, charming, humble and […]

NAMM – Disneyland for musos

I remember coming off of a major world tour in December of 2007. I had spent the year singing BVs, and stacking my bank account, but had no plans for what was next. During that tour, I released an album, launched my YouTube Channel, and had taken every opportunity to perform. The obvious options were […]

In Nashville

BY DEAN MADONIA Question: How many Nashville songwriters does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Three. One to change the bulb and two to write a song about the old one! While today’s country songs rarely focus on “the old one” any more, most of them are co-written by two or more writers. […]


By Aidan Rush Aidan decided  to check out Patreon, who claim to be  serving a crowdfunding market neglected by  Kickstarter As has been written about in  this magazine before, the proliferation of  online art that’s taken place over the  last few years is nothing short  of staggering. Not only has it given a  worldwide platform to any self-proclaimed artist  […]