Madness backs campaign to save music venues

Madness is the latest big-name act to back the campaign to stop the closure of grassroots music venues across the country. The band is supporting the Music Venue Trust (MVT), a charity fighting to protect performance spaces that nurture emerging music talent. Grassroots music venues play a pivotal role in the creative development of singers […]

How vocal massage can help singers

International vocal coach Stephen King explains how pro singers can use vocal massage to keep their voices in top shape. Vocal massage is a series of manoeuvres to relax the para-laryngeal structures with the aim of restoring vocal function. It’s used as part of a multidisciplinary solution – along with speech therapy and vocal coaching […]

Hit songwriter Cathy Dennis honoured

Few songwriters have been as prolific or consistent as hitmaker Cathy Dennis, who was last week rightfully awarded an Ivor Novello for Best Song Collection. Dennis has been a dominant, but low key, force in the music industry for more than 20 years, penning number ones for Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and S-Club […]

#ising: June’s emerging talent

iSing takes a look at music from Steele, Delta Sleep and Kailee Morgue. Steele  Swedish singer Steele has pulled off a rare feat: she’s made a pop album brimming with emotion. Paroxysm, out this month, is an electro-noir affair with lyrics inspired by the artist’s own near-death experience that are both dark and life-affirming. Stockholm-based […]

Confessions of a cruise ship singer

Cruise ship singers were once considered “theatre rejects” who weren’t good enough for “real” performing jobs. But industry attitudes have changed and life on board is now a popular choice for many adept entertainers. Alexa Terry explains why being a singing sailor is an opportunity not to be missed.  “Dear Diary, I took the job..!” […]

One more time with feeling

“One more time, with feeling!” Stravinsky was known to say. He’s certainly not the only one to have barked that order: all top directors and producers want the same thing, for their artists to deliver straight from the heart. The world’s greatest singers and songwriters have something in common: they express their authentic selves without […]

Celebrate Soho Music Month

For the best part of a century Soho was London’s louchest district, home to the sex, film and music industries and glamorous and grubby in equal measures. It may have cleaned up its act in recent years, but Soho is still a major draw for singers and musicians, many of whom will perform during Soho […]

A voice of her generation: Adele

Artist profile: Adele

Take a look at Adele’s career in numbers: three albums, nine Brits, 15 Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The figures are staggering and she’s only 30. It’s no wonder the British powerhouse is a member of the music world’s most elite club: Female Artists Who Are So Big They Don’t Need A Second […]

The Country Way

What’s so special about country music? Singer-songwriter Lisa Redford explains what makes this genre unique. The late, great country singer Glen Campbell summed it up: “There’s a longing in country music that can soften even the rockiest heart.”This longing is a defining aspect of country music, alongside a long history of storytelling and emotional, expressive, […]