Adding chest resonance

This issue I am going to look into how you might approach a voice that hasn’t got a strong chest register. This is the lower region of our range (Below ~G4 in females and below ~D4 in males), often associated with the speaking voice. Assuming that the singer’s speaking voice is balanced we would expect […]

Messing with vibrato

Vocal Style: Messing with vibrato In the first of a three part iSing series on Vocal Style where we demonstrate the different uses of various vocal style nuances and techniques, Josh Alamu looks at vibrato. So what is vibrato? Vibrato (as defined by Wikipedia) is a musical effect consisting of a regular, pulsating change of pitch. […]

DIY Mixing

How to Mix Vocals as a DIY Singer

 Mixing — it sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? That’s always something I’ve left to the professionals. But the truth is, you can’t always afford the professionals. That’s why learning how to mix vocals is an important skill to have as a DIY singer or musician. Before you mix, you have to get a really good recording […]

Artist FAQ with Jonnie Owen

Hello again! In this issue of iSing we are excited to introduce you to Jonnie Owen, the lead singer of minimalist electronica group Bloodflower. Bloodflower is a collaboration between Jonnie and his long-time friend and producer Tom Manning. The duo entered Monnow Valley Studios (Manic Street Preachers, Spiritualized, Portishead) to work on a few ideas […]

The Passaggio

Passaggio (pl. passaggi) is one of the most talked about elements of singing. Some refer to it as the bridge, break, mix, middle, or simply the place where things go wrong. So why does this vocal phenomenon receive such widespread consideration? Passaggio is Italian for passage or crossing, which may give us slightly more indication of what it is and where […]

Top Music Quotes

10 of the best music quotes of all time

  Most of the time, it’s difficult to describe what music does or how amazing it is. It’s slippery like that.   But then other times, someone says something about music that you know is quotable. A certain combination of words and imagery that paint the perfect picture.   Here are some examples of times […]

Shlomo – Rhythm is my life

Shlomo is a world champion beatboxer who has won global acclaim and worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names. As well as performing at venues and festivals across the world, he has moved into composing, formed the Vocal Orchestra and started a charity which helps young people learn the art of beatboxing. He […]

The PA system

  Understanding The PA System We’ve all been there. You’ve finally booked a gig at the venue in town that you’ve been working on for weeks, and upon loading in you talk to the manager about where to setup. The manager points to a corner and says, “The PA System’s over there.” At first glance, […]