iSing issue 20

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This issue is chockablock full of great articles for the discerning singer. On the cover, you will find 3 of the top session singers in London, LaDonna Harvey Peters, Vula Malinga and Sharlene Hector aka LaSharVu. Between them, they have sung behind pretty much anyone who anyone in the UK music scene. Now they’ve decided to step up to the front and take the limelight. Find out why and what they are working on. We talk to the founder of the London Community Gospel Choir, Bazil Meade, about singing the gospel way. Cabaret aficionado, Gary Williams explains how he delivers a seamless and almost impromptu performance, Thomas Spencer, classical-pop crossover artist, discusses the advantages of being based out of LA and Riva Taylor reveals how her early start in the biz has informer her current career. We also delve into the benefits of vowel prowess, how to find a great singing teacher, mediation for singers and why writing collaborations are so important. Check out #iSingDoYou for some singers we are watching, if you want to be considered for future issues then click HERE. As always you will find a wide variety of articles covering topics such as vocal technique and health, vocal style, song writing, teaching singing, music business and much more!


The Fundamentals

Vocal Nerds: How to find a great singing teacher
Vocal Style: The gospel way
Songwriting: The power of collaboration

Singing Careers

On the Cover: LaSharVu -moving up front
Careers: Gary Williams, I did it my way
Careers: Riva Taylor, born to sing
Careers: The Journey, Thomas Spencer
iSing Sessions: Introducing Sam Fearon
Mindy, Body & Soul

Manageable Meditation: Mindfulness for vocalists
Music Minds Matter: Why the industry needs its own mental health service
Food: Smoothies for singers
Fashion: Doing it in style: London plays host to top designers and rising stars
V-team: More V-Team videos

The Biz

Passing It On: Vowel Prowess
Dear iSing: Experts answer your questions
Competition: Announcing issue 19’s comp winner

Gearing Up

Apps: Record and collaborate with Trackd
Video: Making the cut

Look, Listen & Feel

News: #prayforvegas
iReview: Five things we have learnt from Taylor Swift
Event: Amplify to host the best and brightest in British music
Music Awards: Unsigned Only 2017 winners announced
#iSingDoYou: Listen to our faves

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