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iSing interviewed Chris Erhardt from SongCat to find out how it can help the singer.SongCat_final TM

iSing: What is SongCat?

Chris Erhardt: is an online music production facility offering services such as demo production, full song productions, mixing and mastering for singers and songwriters across the globe.

iSing: How did it begin?

CH: We founded SongCat in July 2014 to offer professional music production services at a reasonable rate. Our goal is it to enable as many singers and songwriters as possible to get a high quality recording sound, without the usual high cost normally involved with that kind of service. Professional music production shouldn’t only be available for a select few but to anyone who seriously considers a career in music.

iSing: What can SongCat do for independent singers?

CH: Well, being primary a music production company, we can help singers create high quality, original music. It really comes down to the individual singer. We can assist in writing the song, produce the entire project or take on specific parts of a project. We don’t offer vocal classes or lessons, but we do give free advice for everything music related, including singing and performance advice through our weekly newsletter and on our blog. You can subscribe directly on our homepage

iSing: Tell us about the service

CH: As we are an online company working with singers and songwriters all around the world, we work a bit different from “normal” recording studios. When working on a full project, a singer would normally get in touch with us. We will discuss the production and the direction the song should go. This can happen by email, phone or chat, depending on the client’s preference. We would then start playing the different parts and instruments of the song, finishing an instrumental as per the singer’s specification. The instrumental will then be sent to the client and he/she can record the vocals in a studio near his/her home or in a home studio if the vocal quality is professional enough. The singer would then send the vocals raw back to us and we mix and master the project to finish it. The whole process normally takes between 1-3 weeks and is much more cost effective than hiring a local studio for the entire project.

The singer would then send the vocals raw back to us and we mix and master the project to finish it. The whole process normally takes between 1-3 weeks and is much more cost effective than hiring a local studio for the entire project.

iSing: Are there any particular offers?

CH: We don’t have any particular promotions running for singers at the moment, however iSing readers receive a 20% discount on all services by visiting

iSing: What stands out about your services above other similar production
companies in the industry?

CH: Our big advantage is that we were able to source some highly skilled musicians and engineers that have the same spirit as the founding team and would love to open up professional recording quality to a larger group. Through this and some strategic partnerships, we can offer radio ready productions for a much lower rate than most competitors or local studios can. A fully produced song can cost thousands with other studios while our rate is under $300 for the same, if not even higher quality. We recently had a client survey which covered over 100 songs we produced within the last six months and got rated with a 4.65 out of 5 by previous clients with the majority of clients who have used a competitor in the past, stating that our quality was higher compared to the previous choice of recording facility. 

iSing: How much does it cost to use you?

CH: It depends on what is needed. A simple five track mastering costs $49 while a full blown production with a session vocalist as a background singer or to give the lead vocal guide would run up to $299.

iSing: Do you work internationally?

CH: Yes, we operate worldwide from our headquarter in Springfield, MO and our partner studios.

iSing: Tell us about yourself

CH: I have been producing music for the past ten years and was fortunate enough that I got introduced to some highly talented musicians and was able to contribute to their albums or career management. Having worked with many upcoming artists all the way up to Grammy nominated and chart topping musicians in a wide array of genres, I’m really excited about helping singers and songwriters to get the most out of their talent. To find out more about myself, you can visit

iSing: What lies ahead for SongCat?

CH: SongCat is now one year old and we’ve been growing within the first year beyond our expectations. We are planning to continue this growth and enable even more singers and songwriters to create high quality music at a low cost. Some exciting new partnerships will be announced soon as well. It’s a bit early to talk about that yet, but join our mailing list to get all the latest news first hand.

iSing: What’s the next step for a musician/singer looking to use your services?

CH: Have a look at our website and decide if we’re a good match for your music. Define what your goal is with a possible produced EP or album. And then, just contact us. We’re available through phone, chat or email and you can directly ask for me if you get someone from the team on the line first. I normally run around somewhere in the studio and easy to find for my colleagues – they just have to follow where the most noise is coming from, I’m normally not too far away from that. If I’m not available any team member can help you and if something is unclear, I’m always happy to call back or email as soon as I’m available again.

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