The Biz: Top Tips – Professional Etiquette in Session Singing

After  35 years  of session singing in  LA, Nashville,  and London,  I’m still gobsmacked at the unprofessional behaviour  I witness from alleged ‘pros’  in my business. I have seen the most outrageous things, including a singer being fired in front of the  group due to poor  professionalism. So unnecessary, as  it’s so easy to get things right! It […]

The Biz: Interview – Dave Stroud

World-renowned vocal coach, Dave Stroud,  generously shared with iSing some  of his career  journey and  wisdoms. In  the following  videos, you’ll learn Dave’s secrets  to  working with  international  artists, his  teaching  philosophy and methodology,  his  big picture  goals  with the  VocalizeU  App technology,  his favourite career moment (this might surprise you!), what still keeps him  excited about […]