How BAST is teaching the teachers

The BAST Singing Teacher’s Retreat 2016 was about as inspiring and uplifting a weekend as a vocal geek like me could hope for. My brain was filled to bursting with new science, research, techniques and teaching methodology. I left feeling invigorated by the people I’d met and the lectures I’d attended and eager to get […]


By Aidan Rush Aidan decided  to check out Patreon, who claim to be  serving a crowdfunding market neglected by  Kickstarter As has been written about in  this magazine before, the proliferation of  online art that’s taken place over the  last few years is nothing short  of staggering. Not only has it given a  worldwide platform to any self-proclaimed artist  […]

Managers -who needs one?

My career was spent at the Virgin record label but in 2001 I became a manager of Francis Dunnery and then D*Note. Why? Having experience and because they asked me. I had worked with Francis Dunnery and his band It Bites at Virgin in the 80s but the world was changing and he needed help […]

Can anyone sing?

What a question! I actually dread this question and I get asked this ALL this time, and I know that most of my fellow singing teachers do as well. When posed I find that there is a really strong instinct to reply “of course!” and I’ve even heard singing teachers assure people that there really […]

Teaching children and young adults

When it comes to teaching vocal technique for young singers Dr Jenevora Williams is a wealth of knowledge. She has published a book and produced two DVDs on the subject. She spoke to Deborah Winter. Deborah Winter: Some people say that children shouldn’t be taught to sing because it can damage their voices, is this […]

Making the right connections

Music Gateway helps artists connect to other like-minded musicians and bands, and also acts as an A&R vehicle and resource for labels, managers and publishers who are looking for talent, to hire people for session work and licensing music. It allows creative professionals to collaborate and conduct business globally. iSing spoke to Jon Skinner, the […]

Adding chest resonance

This issue I am going to look into how you might approach a voice that hasn’t got a strong chest register. This is the lower region of our range (Below ~G4 in females and below ~D4 in males), often associated with the speaking voice. Assuming that the singer’s speaking voice is balanced we would expect […]