Managing your vocal workload

Vocal Workload through Non-Singing Activities Few words bring more dread to the performer than “vocal rest”. When I see a hemorrhage, laryngitis, or other problem and recommend voice rest, it is inevitably followed by questions of, “What counts as voice use”? Whether the singer is simply unsure about the answer or trying to negotiate upcoming […]

How to fight writer’s block

Creative block is the bane of every artist’s existence, regardless of art form. I know the plight of a singer-songwriter all too well. On one particular day you can write a solid verse in under 15 minutes, and on another day you are one word that rhymes with ”love” away from pulling your hair out. […]

How does vocal injury happen?

To judge by the news, it would seem that singers are getting injured more frequently than ever. We regularly hear of performers cancelling shows, or even tours, due to injury. Why is this happening?There may be two factors at play here: Increased demand Improved ability to detect injury DemandThere is no question that demand on […]

Yoga and the voice

Yoga and The Voice Throughout university, I had a part-time job as a yoga instructor. I had gotten certified and taught 3-4 classes per week and all in all— it was a great experience! I had gotten in great shape, met amazing people, and made some pretty solid cash— for a university student. However, as […]

Vibrant vocal technique

“Vibration is the language of the body” as Vibrant Vocal Technique (VVT) boldly displays on their website. This is something often learned but often taken for granted by vocalists. Vibration is the essence of our craft. We are able to sing due to vibration. Just as a guitarist performs by vibrating strings, we are able to […]

Developing a performance persona osteopathy for singers

Osteopath and  former West  End performer,  Jennie Morton,  talks about the most common issue she treats in singers. The cause of a hoarse voice may arise from an unexpected source. The Osteopathic philosophy views the body as a completely integrated system  and Osteopathic  treatment  is  aimed   at  facilitating  the  body’s   self-healing mechanisms through the use […]

Eating to perform

Most performances occur in  the evening and go on till late, this means we are exerting energy when most people are settling down for the day. Performers  need to  adjust  their  nutritional  input to  accommodate  this  upside  down energy dispersion so Stephanie has some practical  advice to help get the right  energy balance… Feeling full  of energy  and being  […]

Common voice problems in singers

If you have voice issues you want Dr Reena Gupta on your side! She is not only a highly qualified voice doctor (laryngologist)  but she is also passionate about singing and driven by the desire to ensure singers are able to thrive in their careers. Dr Gupta discusses some  real case studies of  singers she has seen  and […]

Voice alarm bells

Voice Alarm Bells – When to Ring Them We are in a time in the music industry when the demand placed on the voice is extremely high. Music is written in a way that’s harder to sing, performances are even more frequent, voice use for non-performance purposes is on the rise (phones, Bluetooth, etc.), and […]

Singing to heal

Singing to Heal: Tempo Uses Song for Wellbeing Throughout history, music has been used as a way to heal and inspire. From spiritual chanting, congregational hymns, and birthing music, to the personal playlist that can get a person through a tough physical workout. As a magazine geared toward the betterment of vocalists, we have a […]