Mind, Body & Soul: Chiropractic medicine – Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction – Cause or Effect?

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) TMJ dysfunction syndrome is a common joint ailment, yet curiously, the many sufferers of it find they have few obvious treatment options to resolve it. It can be a distressing affliction, diminishing the enjoyment of even the simplest of life’s pleasures, such as eating a meal or having a conversation with […]

Mind, Body & Soul: Osteopathy and the Singer

Osteopath and  former West  End performer,  Jennie Morton,  talks about the most common issue she treats in singers. The cause of a hoarse voice may arise from an unexpected source. The Osteopathic philosophy views the body as a completely integrated system  and Osteopathic  treatment  is  aimed   at  facilitating  the  body’s   self-healing mechanisms through the use […]

Mind, Body & Soul: Eating to Perform

Most performances occur in  the evening and go on till late, this means we are exerting energy when most people are settling down for the day. Performers  need to  adjust  their  nutritional  input to  accommodate  this  upside  down energy dispersion so Stephanie has some practical  advice to help get the right  energy balance… Feeling full  of energy  and being  […]