The artist’s circle

The first time I went to an Artists Circle by Wendy Parr in NYC, I found myself dancing blindfolded amongst about 15 other, also blindfolded, dancers, for an HOUR. We were participating in a ‘trance dance’ with the aim to move blocked energy, to release expectations of ourselves and others by removing our sight, and […]

News – The Mobo awards

It was a very British affair at this year’s MOBO Awards, held at the Leeds Arena on November 4. The awards ceremony, which celebrates Music of Black Origin (MOBO), as the name suggests, took a surprising turn with hip hop and grime taking centre stage. UK artists and more specifically London-based singers and rappers took […]

Vocal tutor app

IMPACK Productions – US$4.99 Download from iTunes Nerissa’s verdict: 3 ½ Stars I get to review an app this edition. AN APP! You may not quite understand my excitement here, so let me explain: I am a VERY new smartphone user, as in the last month or so. The world of apps and the ability […]

Intune review

Aiden Rush Reviews the InTune App by Wittenberg University.  99c in iTunes Store Editors Verdict: Four Stars Musicians of all kinds rely on their ears to make sure they’re in tune with the other sounds around them. Horn players, string players and especially singers simply can’t reach their fullest potential if their ears haven’t been […]

Lesson in breathing

MDH breathing coordination lesson Breathing. We all do it every second of every day (around 20 000 times a day actually), it’s, of course, our birthright, but for singers this automatic function of living is quite something else. The amount of times I have heard from singers that they want to learn ‘how to breathe’ […]

20 feet from stardom

20 Feet From Stardom Director/Writer: Morgan Neville Talisha’s verdict: 4 1/2 Stars The backing vocalist documentary 20 Feet From Stardom had a hard task on its hands. The film is much needed as more singers are choosing to enter the industry now than ever before, but director Morgan Neville and Producer Gil Friesen had to entice […]

Idina Menzel performance

Idina Menzel @The Oscars Sophia’s verdict: 4 Stars Before I dig into why I think people loved or hated this performance—Rolling Stone called it “one long yell” but Life said it was “mesmerizing”—allow me to state the incontrovertible: Idina Menzel does have a powerful and mesmerizing voice, and a very successful career to back it […]

Bruno Mars performance

“Wow, Amazing.” I believe those were the very words that escaped my lips as I watched Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl XLVIII halftime performance. I have super high standards for what I deem a great live performance and it’s hard to isolate and evaluate any one factor in a vacuum. Pitch is affected by breathing, and […]