The PA system

  Understanding The PA System We’ve all been there. You’ve finally booked a gig at the venue in town that you’ve been working on for weeks, and upon loading in you talk to the manager about where to setup. The manager points to a corner and says, “The PA System’s over there.” At first glance, […]

Vocal effects 101

It’s a known fact that sound engineers and musicians like to use effects to enhance and shape a vocal sound in both live and studio applications. Sometimes just plugging your microphone cable into the mixing desk and turning the level up leaves something to be desired, and the overall sound could benefit from a bit […]

Getting set up the mixers

While mixers or mixing desks as they are known in the UK, come in all  different shapes and sizes, the basic principles of how they’re operated can be applied to most boards. In the video we provide video demonstrations of the steps found  in the bullet points below to ensure  that you’re setting your vocal […]

In ear monitoring

Explaining In Ear Monitoring (plus a chance to win your own!) Jono Heale, from Advanced Communications Solutions (ACS) explains what In Ear Monitoring  (IEM) is and the variations in models. You don’t have to be a celebrity artist to afford IEMs. In fact, the sooner you start to use them, the better. Not only can they help […]

Microphones 101

Microphones come in all shapes and sizes – as some of you may have already encountered. There are different varieties of microphone that singers use in a few different settings such as live performances, in the studio, and in the shower. But in this article, we won’t be discussing that last example! So, what components […]

Hearing protection

Jono Heale from Advanced Communications Solutions (ACS) explains how hearing loss occurs amongst musicians and singers. In the first video, Jono describes how you can avoid damaging your hearing, on and off the job. He then shows us how easy it is to get the ear mould fitted. A musician himself, Jono knows only too […]