Five Top Song Writing Tips

Jane Taylor is an award-winning singer-songwriter and winner of the UK and International Songwriting Competition. Here she shares her top five songwriting tips. A song is no different to any other art form. It’s an expression of what you think and feel and what you’re learning. If you want to write a great song, as well […]

New year, new voice

It’s that time of year again; the time to re-assess habits, choices and aspirations and to face life with new intentions. It’s time to commit to leaving behind negative patterns that don’t fit the mental picture you have of musical and vocal freedom of expression. At the beginning of each year most of us make […]

Just, give me a reason

Let’s start by saying never use the word “just” in your songs. Can we agree on that?Just is one of the biggest lyrical weeds I would eradicate if I could. I know, harsh words, but hear me out. Technically, there are a couple of situations where the word “just” is (dare I say it…) justified. […]