One more time with feeling

“One more time, with feeling!” Stravinsky was known to say. He’s certainly not the only one to have barked that order: all top directors and producers want the same thing, for their artists to deliver straight from the heart. The world’s greatest singers and songwriters have something in common: they express their authentic selves without […]

The Country Way

What’s so special about country music? Singer-songwriter Lisa Redford explains what makes this genre unique. The late, great country singer Glen Campbell summed it up: “There’s a longing in country music that can soften even the rockiest heart.”This longing is a defining aspect of country music, alongside a long history of storytelling and emotional, expressive, […]

Beating performance anxiety

Performance anxiety (PA) can be a career crippling condition. Just ask Barbra Streisand who gave up live performing for 27 years and NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight who became a virtual recluse. Even at its mildest, PA can prevent you from enjoying your performance experience and hamper your ability to deliver to the best of your potential. […]

Five Top Song Writing Tips

Jane Taylor is an award-winning singer-songwriter and winner of the UK and International Songwriting Competition. Here she shares her top five songwriting tips. A song is no different to any other art form. It’s an expression of what you think and feel and what you’re learning. If you want to write a great song, as well […]