iSing issue 17

Issue 17 cover Ramzi is not only a multi instrumentalist, producer and songwriter but he has a remarkable set of vocal chops on him. He talks to iSing about his work, how he fuses the music of his heritage with R&B, the impact his ethnic background has had on his career and his latest album, Artist. Working Singer, Denosh Bennett, takes us behind the scenes of the John Legend BV audition in LA. We talk to UK singer/songwriter, Lucy Whittaker on the impact of going public with her sexuality to her career. Vocal nerds, Chris Johnson and Steve Giles, discuss the cause of nasality and how to eliminate it and Josh Alamu explains how you can create dazzling song intros. We also present 5 singers to watch out for in #iSingDoYou – if you want to be considered for future issues then click HERE. In addition  you will find our usual wide variety of articles covering topics such as vocal technique and health, vocal style, song writing, teaching singing, music business and much more!


The Fundamentals

Vocal Nerds: The nose – is there a point?
Vocal Style: Make your vocal intros dazzle
Performance Skills: One more time, with feeling

Singing Careers

On the Cover: Fusion King Ramzi
The Working Singer: LA Confidential – The truth about Hollywood auditions
Careers: The long way home, Nina Ferro
Up & Coming: Lucy Whittaker sings with pride
Careers: Albert Man makes a splash

Mindy, Body & Soul

Mindset: Play, explore, discover
Food for Singers: Bone broth – magic in a mug
Competition iSing Birthday

The Biz

Passing It On: How to end end-gaining?
The Biz: Taking it to the streets – the benefits of busking
Dear iSing: Our experts solve your problems

Gearing Up

Product news: American Professional – Fenders mixes the best of old and new
Product news: Pioneering spirit – new synth hits the market

Look, Listen & Feel

#iSingDoYou: Listen to our readers
Choir Singing: James Hawkins on how to perform with purpose
iReview: A masterclass in musicianship and showmanship
News: Raise your voice – singers urged to support survey

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