Jono McNeil – The singing career juggling act

Name and location?
Jono McNeil – London

Session singer, artist, and vocal coach

Age you realised you wanted to be a pro singer?
18 years old

Vocal role model? Why?
Erykah Badu – She has an undeniably adventurous spirit when it comes to the possibilities of music, vocal technique, and artistry. I love the courage she’s consistently held on to throughout her musical journey, despite what was expected of her.

How did you feel after your first pro job?
Exhilarated, yet with no idea of how it had actually gone. I seemed to be transported to another world and finished the show with seemingly

Name dropping (people you’ve worked with/supported)
Josh Groban
Michael Buble
Jocelyn Brown
Reel People

Who are you listening to now and why?
I can’t seem to shake Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” album. That along with Hosier’s new album.

Most memorable career moment to date?
A little obscure amidst it all, but I loved having the opportunity to perform “I Want You” with Leon Ware who wrote at the O2. A smaller gig but singing the parts from an album that I’d listened to all my life, with an amazing band, and the artist who wrote it, was a really special moment.

How do you keep fit for performance?
Regular warm ups, a good diet, gym workouts, and as much experience on stage as I can get. You need to keep in the game to stay sharp.

Techie faves?
I love the new Zoom recorders – they’re so versatile. They do amazing recordings of gigs and rehearsal through the in-built mics, but then can also be used as an interface for proper recording mics.

3 things you can’t live without on tour?
Steamer, hotel with a gym, and a great pair of headphones.

What you wish you’d known from the start?
That any success is a result of many, many small steps. I’ve had some amazing opportunities in my life, but it’s the accumulation of all of those small steps that has got me where I am today, and hopefully will keep me moving. I just need to keep my game up!

How can we connect with you?

Upcoming Gigs/projects?
I have some lovely gigs throughout Europe with some original bands and even one with an orchestra in Monaco. I love the variety, but also can’t wait for my new album to release.

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