Indie rockers Pacific are rising stars


by Gemma Willson

Pacific are one of the UK’s hottest new up and coming bands. Hailing from Cheshire, the alternative rock/indie group have already received rave reviews from Best of British Unsigned and Capital Radio. Their latest EP, Time to Forget, has already had more than 22,000 views, despite only being released in November.

iSing: How did the four of you get into music?

Anthony front man of Pacific: It started just by listening to British bands really. (My brother) Dan and I learnt piano as kids. As we started to take an interest in listening to bands, we knew that we wanted to create our own and give it a go ourselves. I know that Dave and Drew have told us that My Chemical Romance inspired them both to start playing guitar and drums, respectively, even though we sound very different to them.

iSing: How would you describe your sound?

Pacific: Piano-driven indie rock.

iSing: You have been shortlisted by Best of British Unsigned, how did this come about?

Pacific: Best of British Unsigned have been supporting us for a long time now. We were really proud to be nominated as one of the UK’s top 10 unsigned bands. I think we just originally uploaded our music to them a couple of years ago and the support stemmed from there.

iSing: Have you taken part in a lot of unsigned competitions to break into the music ?

Pacific: We’ve taken part in one over the years, Live & Unsigned, which is apparently the biggest unsigned music competition in the UK. It was fun and we reached the semi final.

iSing: Have any of them led to further success or opened any musical doors?

Pacific: I’d definitely say it matured us and made us think more seriously about the band at the time.

iSing: What tips would you offer other singing groups looking to make it big?

Pacific: In terms of vocals I would say keep practising, practice is everything. Always warm up before a show. A few vocal warm ups always make a gig run much more smoothly. Vocalzone sweets are brilliant, before and after singing. Also, staying off the alcohol always helps. And in general just keep at it. If you’re good at your craft and committed and don’t go anywhere, eventually someone will take notice.

iSing: How did your debut single Time to Forget come about?

Pacific: All our songs begin on the piano back at home – the song is inspired by the idea of struggling between letting go of the past and being able to seize new opportunities in the future.

iSing: Do you all have a favourite song that you enjoy performing?

Pacific: Our latest single Those Nights is always a really vibrant song to end our shows on, with its big chorus.

iSing: You have had rave reviews from BBC DJs and are building quite a following on YouTube, what are you aiming for – mainstream success or a big label signing?

Pacific: A bit of both if we’re lucky enough. We’ve hopefully started on the right path this year, with our first BBC Radio 1 airplay with Time to Forget and a bit of major label attention. In terms of the big dream, I think headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury is definitely a big collective dream of ours – maybe in a decade.

iSing: You’re touring, how is that going?

Pacific: We love it, especially Norman our tour bus driver. The shows are getting better and better too. Opening the main stage of Liverpool International Music Festival has been a big highlight for us so far this year.

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