Gearing Up: The Mixer- Getting Set Up

While mixers or mixing desks as they are known in the UK, come in all  different shapes and sizes, the basic principles of how they’re operated can be applied to most boards. In the video we provide video demonstrations of the steps found  in the bullet points below to ensure  that you’re setting your vocal signal  to the ideal level on your mixer.

Setting Up the Mixer/Mixing Desk For Live Performances
Setting up steps

• Connect your microphone’s XLR cable  to the mixer input, and connect  the Main Out of the mixer to your speakers/amplifier. Ensure that the Master Fader is set to Zero.

• Adjust the Gain or Trim knob to healthy level without going overboard –  11:00 is usually a safe bet.


• EQ can  be used to  adjust the Hi,  Mid, and Lo  frequencies of your  voice to
shape a tone that’s to your liking.

• Use the Monitor Send to set the amount of vocals to your desired level in your monitors, and  control the  amount of  effects on  your voice  using the Effects Send. Make sure that the Master Sends for both the Monitors and Effects are set to Zero.

• Bring your channel’s  fader up to Zero.  If you’re too loud,  feeding back, or
are hearing distortion, try  backing off of the  Gain knob and compensating  for
any volume on the channel fader.

Michael Harmon is  a Berklee  College of Music graduate. While drumming remains one of his first passions, Michael performs with  several bands around the Northeast U.S. He educates young musicians in audio  production and supports the art of independent record making.

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