Head voice vs falsetto

iSing 5 Head Voice vs Falsetto It sounds like a battle—the Incredible Hulk vs Iron Man, though definitely not as exciting. Probably less damage to public property however. Joking aside, this topic is the source of much confusion in the singing world. We’re sure many of you are saying, “Aren’t they basically the same thing?” […]

iSing issue 15

Issue 15 is a London A Cappella Festival special. A cappella fans and artists from around the world come together in London every January to sing and harmonise. This issue talks to some of the artists being featured at LACF2017 including Solala from Sweden, OneVoice musical director – JD Frizzell and Accent – Six guys from five different […]

Broadway melodies

“BROADWAY MELODIES” I remember as a child, I used to sit and in awe as singers and actresses danced and pranced their way across the television screen, thinking, “ I want to do that!”! Heck, I still say that! In fact, on one Christmas Eve, in anticipation of our midnight “open-one-gift” tradition, my sister and […]

The road less travelled

  It’s probably one of the most sought-after and lucrative careers for a singer. Many are called, but few are chosen. If you manage to get the call, or make it through a grueling audition, you’re in! You get to travel the globe, network, perform night after night to sold-out, anxious, star-crazy fans, sleep in […]

How does vocal injury happen?

To judge by the news, it would seem that singers are getting injured more frequently than ever. We regularly hear of performers cancelling shows, or even tours, due to injury. Why is this happening?There may be two factors at play here: Increased demand Improved ability to detect injury DemandThere is no question that demand on […]

The role of a music lawyer

  So, what does a music lawyer do? The music industry is very complicated: there’s so many sources of income for artists, and even more if you write. Every time that there’s some sort of transaction in music, it involves the concept of intellectual property. Something like a song for example, is quite a nebulous […]

Writing a killer chorus

In a song, the chorus is king. It is the main section. It contains the hook of the song and usually the title. When well written, a chorus is what people remember the most. When taken together, the choruses of a song (usually) encapsulate the main idea of the entire song. Individually, each chorus sums […]

Yoga and the voice

Yoga and The Voice Throughout university, I had a part-time job as a yoga instructor. I had gotten certified and taught 3-4 classes per week and all in all— it was a great experience! I had gotten in great shape, met amazing people, and made some pretty solid cash— for a university student. However, as […]

Semi-occluded vocal tract exercises

To occlude. From the latin word ‘occludere’ which means to shut, or close. That’s all very nice, but how on earth does it relate to singing and, more importantly, why are all these celebrity pop singers walking around singing through straws? We are talking about the new wave of sexy vocal exercises that are referred […]

iSing issue 14

Issue 14 cover is a very interesting interview. Mandy Harvey lost her hearing at 18 years old and has still managed to figure a way to carve a career as a singer. We also talk to the amazing jazz vocalist Clare teal about her varied career, which includes broadcasting and TV presenting. Tenor, Jonathan Antoine […]

The teaching tools

So in issue 1 we covered doing a self-evaluation to find out where you are right now so you could identify your strengths as well as the areas you need to build on in order to get to the place where you’re ready to teach other singers. Issue 2 we looked into location considerations and the equipment that you need […]

Getting set up the mixers

While mixers or mixing desks as they are known in the UK, come in all  different shapes and sizes, the basic principles of how they’re operated can be applied to most boards. In the video we provide video demonstrations of the steps found  in the bullet points below to ensure  that you’re setting your vocal […]