Building a home recording studio from scratch ep. 2

Putting It All Together

In issue 1 we discussed all the gear I would need to get my home studio ready. Since then I’ve been doing some research and upsetting my credit card with a big shopping spree.

This issue we will look at my shopping bag of goodies, then I get some help from Clive to set it all up. As you will see this wasn’t without its challenges, I’m certainly learning plenty of lessons along the way.

It’s worth having a think about where you are planning to set up your studio (my sitting room had a good old move around before we could get going).

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” inject=”#iSingDoYou @rosekimberley “]Big tip, make sure all of your gear items are compatible with each other![/tweet_box] Check the video to see what we got up to. Once everything is setup and ready to go, the next scary part is the actual recording itself. Tune in next time to watch me tackle that.

Originally trained in dance, UK-based Rose Kimberley now combines performing as a singer/songwriter, working as a function singer and teaching singing to private clients. She is a typical representative of the majority of singers out there who have the dream of being ‘discovered’ but mostly just want to make a living from what they love the most: singing.

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